Clover furniture of reliable quality

Clover Furniture has various certifications through
constant research and effort to make proper furniture.

  • Government procurement

    Government procurement

    Companies selected to deliver goods to public institutions at different levels

  • Excellent product

    Excellent product

    A system that designates excellent products among small and medium-sized businesses as excellent products

  • Female business

    Female business

    In the case of products from public institutions, it is mandatory to purchase women's products

  • Eco


    Products with improved environmental properties

  • Quality Guaranteed Goods

    Quality Guaranteed Goods

    Goods that meet the criteria for evaluating quality control capabilities

  • Patent


    Receives rights for a certain period of time in exchange for disclosure of the invention to the public

  • KS mark

    KS mark

    KS certification granted to excellent products or services

  • Q mark

    Q mark

    Only products that pass the prescribed inspection standards are given a quality certification mark

  • ISO9001


    International standard for quality management system designated by ISO

  • Pinup Design Award

    Pinup Design Award

    Design competition hosted by the Korea Industrial Designers Association

  • NEP mark

    NEP mark

    Certification of products with technology developed for the first time in Korea or alternative technology

  • Innobiz


    echnology-innovative SMEs that have secured competitiveness based on technological superiority

  • Venture business

    Venture business

    Certified as a venture company as a company specified in'Article 2 of the Act on Special Measures on Promotion of Venture Businesses'

  • EPC mark

    EPC mark

    Support for priority purchase by public institutions for products that are recognized for excellence through performance tests

  • Technology Guarantee Fund

    Technology Guarantee Fund

    Technology guarantee and technology evaluation support for technology-innovated companies